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Time to Detox

2016 is moving along at a hurried pace. As I meet with clients, a consistent message has begun to is time for a top to bottom detoxification. What does that (detox) mean? Think Spring Cleaning for your Business. Creating efficiencies in processes, developing strategic plans with goals and objectives or eliminating antiquated practices are all ways to clean out the 'sludge' that slows down business operations. But where to start? Now this can by tricky, but if done properly, you will emerge feeling nimble, lighter and ready to run a 5k. Ok, maybe take a brisk walk around the lake!

Begin with your vision. Having a clear picture of where your company is headed is a sure fire way to get the ideas flowing about how to get there. From there, start to look at the obstacles which have plagued you. Decide if these obstacles are embedded in the plan or execution. Once you understand the source of 'toxins' you will almost certainly have revelations on how to address and eliminate them!

If you are having doubts about your plan or just want a different perspective; consider hiring a consultant. Our singular focus is on measurable improvements in your business and bottom line! We all need to Spring Clean; why not detox at the same time?

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