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So the saying goes, if you provide good service, I'll tell 10 people; if you provide poor service, I'll tell them all (or something similar).

Can we ever truly measure the value of good customer service? Believe it or not, the answer is YES! There are the obvious metrics, surveys and reviews, but what about the more intrinsic, intangible means? Repeat business and word-of-mouth can be powerful indicators of quality and customer service. Now we all know that we can't please every client or customer; it should, however be an objective for which we strive.

To that end, setting clear expectations, over-delivering and hitting your mark must be daily objectives. Knowing who your customer is, their pain and price points and your ability to satisfy them is a recipe for success on any given day. Forbes publishes an annual customer service piece that I anxiously await. Take a look for yourself at 2016 and 2017. How do you measure, improve and ensure amazing customer service?

If you are a client, my annual service survey is on its way July 1, 2017. While I would love to receive all Gold Stars, rainbows and praise (who doesn't) what I value most is your candor...ok and maybe the referrals. As always, I'm here!

****Updated from June 11, 2016****

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