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Guilty (Happy) As Charged

I humbly submit myself to you as a guilty party. Guilty of scheduling 30 hours into a day. Guilty of saying "yes" when "not in this lifetime" is fitting. Can you relate?

As I moved to update my blog, I realized that I have nearly 100 entries...and 2 posts! Yup, color me guilty. The saving grace in this situation is that I have shared those epiphanies, brilliant ideas, emerging thoughts and 'what the heck' moments with those most likely to understand or need them.

So my message to you is to give yourself a break. Not every offer/opportunity should be accepted and often a thought need not be published to be useful. Off to create a more balanced schedule. Tell me how you manage the myriad hats and duties assigned to your day!

Guilty and Happy!

ps...those 100+ entries are coming soon to a post near you.

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